The Pros and Cons of Shared Office Spaces

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The shared office trend has hit Canberra with co-working spaces popping up all over the place. Shared office spaces or co-working spaces can be a great way to get your business off the ground. These spaces can be filled with a variety of small businesses, young entrepreneurs, tech startups, distance workers and freelancers. Making them a great space for networking and creative thinkers. However, a few horror stories have popped up, spreading doubt on the success of these shared office spaces. So look no further for a summary on the pros and cons of shared office spaces in Canberra specifically.


  • Cheap and Flexible Membership: Co-working spaces often offer packages for varying different lengths and spaces – some span from hours to months. Being able to pick and choose your hours and space can be perfect for small businesses or individuals working on unusual schedules. You can also change your hours, changing up you cost so you don’t go out of pocket like you would on your own commercial property in Canberra.
  • Community and Support: Being around a group of like-minded people can be very helpful when starting your own business. Co-working spaces attract all kinds of people making it great. 
  • Structure: An coworking office space can give you the structure that is often missing for people without a permanent work base. Simple things like giving yourself set work and break times. While also giving you short gaps to socialise. 
  • Low Maintenance: Don’t stress about buying furniture or sprucing up the place, as that is all done for you ahead of time. Similarly, a bulk of the cleaning and restocking is already organised for, leaving you free to focus on your own work. Similarly, some office spaces organise events and other perks for their clients to make your time even more enjoyable. 


  • Distractions: Although socialising and networking is an important part of working, it can prove to be very distracting. Crowds and commotion can create feelings of F.O.M.O. (Fear of Missing Out) while you’re trying to concentrate on your own work. 
  • Lack of Privacy: Having your own property gives you a sense of security and control of your own environment that a coworking space lacks. Especially if you’re in an open-plan office space. You may also find yourself face to face with your competitors, which may make it tricky to conduct business without feeling you’re sneaking around.
  • Lack of Individuality: Coworking spaces are already fully furnished and design when you step into the office, meaning some can feel as if they can feel a bit soulless as they lack individuality. However commercial properties can fall prey to the same issue, however, when leasing your own property you have the freedom to change anything at your will.

The only way to tell if space will suit you is if you go to see for yourself. Many office spaces in Canberra off free trials, to help bring in new people who will appreciate a co-working space. To help you on your way here is a quick list of 

A list of Canberra co-working spaces: 

  • Gorman Commons, Braddon
  • WOTSO Working-Space, City and Dickson.
  • Entry 29, City
  • Work Canberra, Fyshwick
  • Keep Co – Coworking Canberra, Fyshwick.