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Michael is our commercial property sales & leasing and business sales expert in Canberra. Over the years Michael has bought, sold and leased many commercial properties and understands what landlords are looking for from their agent. Michael’s easy-going nature and professional approach, when combined with his practical experience, will put any client at ease and assist them through the sales and leasing process.

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Commercial property sales are not at all difficult. Just follow these golden rules!

Are you based in Australia and looking into commercial property sales right now? Are you still undecided about how to select the appropriate agent to sell your office space in Canberra? Then you have come to the right place as today, we will provide you with the three key tips you should always keep in mind before selling your properties.

Maintain a strong rapport with potential buyers and sellers

According to property experts sales experts, Australians typically purchase properties from friends or colleagues. Unsurprisingly, the same is true both in the case of commercial property sales as well as when you rent offices in Canberra. Therefore one of the best and easiest things you can do as a provider of commercial property or office space in Canberra is to network! Making your name known within the industry places you in the top of peoples minds when it comes time to sell, buy or lease commercial property. In our experience, there is still nothing better for business than good word of mouth!

Be brave enough to advertise in unconventional places

There is a saying, “Fortune favours the bold”. If you are planning to put your Canberra offices for rent, be brave enough to mix up your marketing strategy and undergo unorthodox advertising tactics.  Doing so will help you stand out in Canberra’s homogenous property market and shock the existing real estate agencies, who are eyeing the perfect Canberra coworking space. Furthermore, being unconventional in where you advertise your commercial property listings is the key to gaining an advantage over your competitors. You can opt to advertise in niche newspapers and journals that may afford you cost-effective but efficient services, allowing you to get your Canberra coworking space out there without much hassle!

Keep an eye on your competitors

With rapid innovations in fields such as science and technology, businesses have become increasingly more competitive. In order to keep up with your competitors, it is imperative that you keep a constant eye on what they are doing while trying to market a rental office in Canberra. Keeping an eye on the competitors will enable you to compare your offerings to theirs, but also understand how your policies regarding commercial property sales differ from theirs.

Cancom is a professional and highly reputable real estate consultant in Australia, who is always ready to help and assist you with your buying and selling of commercial property needs. They have been in this profession for decades and have become experts in providing Canberrans with the right information about the market at the appropriate time. If you are looking for help when it comes to commercial property sales, feel free to contact Cancom. We guarantee you will get the highest quality service at an affordable price!