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Should You Rent Office Space? Read This Blog To Know More!

Deciding to rent office space is a serious decision, particularly in Canberra’s current property market. Even as recently as last decade, the process of finding a Canberra office for rent was much simpler, as low prices all but ensured the venture would become a golden investment. However, the market landscape investors face now is completely different.

Our most recent recession literally took the world by storm and despite conventional wisdom, most markets are still recovering. So before going all-in on your new start-up and finding the most expensive civic office for rent, you need to take some time and seriously contemplate your decision before paying for that first month’s rent. The most important aspect of deciding whether to rent office space is determining whether or not your company can make enough money to take on overheads as large as a commercial property lease, whilst also taking into account potential threats to your business such as increased market throat competition. So before deciding to rent an office in civic, ask yourself 2 important questions.

The first question is pretty obvious and clear- Do you require an office?

As a beginner, most people with a lack of funds start their business from home and, once that business blossoms, they tell themselves  “Hey. Now it’s time to think BIG! Why not have my own OFFICE?”.  However, business growth should not be the only factor considered when making this decision. Ultimately, you must consider whether your business can handle the increased risk associated with moving into a dedicated workspace as the moment you decide to lease office in Canberra, a whole new set of overheads and bills that need to be paid regularly in order to keep the lights on

We say this not to discourage you from leasing an extravagant civic office, however, but to make you aware of the realities of running a business. Any company, no matter how big or small, goes through certain ups and downs, meaning it is difficult to maintain a consistent revenue stream. Therefore you must seriously weigh all of your options before committing to a commercial property lease and only do so if you know with certainty you can afford it

The second question is: How could an office enhance and develop your office?

The main aim of running an office is making a profit. The success of an office depends upon the futuristic approach and sensibilities of the owners. The primary benefit when you rent office space is that you can accommodate more employees and increase productivity, resulting in improvement in the profit margin. Just have a quick look at the financial performance of your office over the years and if you think that you could make more money, even after reducing the expenditure of the office, by putting your civic office for rent, then, by all means, go for it!. Otherwise, ask yourself exactly why you want to  lease an office in Canberra? Just take a deep breath and think!

Surprisingly, investing in commercial property lease is easier than you may think. The key to doing it like a pro is to first understand the process behind it and what will be required of you (both personally and financially). Unfortunately, this type of information is hard to get a hold of which leaves people are unsure about the future of your business. If you are struggling with this very issue, we recommend seeking out the help of professional leasing agents prior to pulling the trigger and committing to rent office space or lease office space in Canberra. Companies CanCom use a combination of your financial details and their industry knowledge to determine whether your business is ready for an office space. Moreover, they can also take care of finding tenants and managing commercial properties for you. Cancom will negotiate lease terms with your tenants and make sure that you get the full value for the business. Our Canberra based and family-owned company has been helping Canberrans lease civic offices and rent civic offices for decades now, providing great outcomes for all our clients. So if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, hurry up and enlist Cancom’s affordable services!

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